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2021-04-29 14:20 — going full gemini

Today I decided to go “full Gemini.” I decided to take down my HTTP site and have my site just be a kineto proxy to my capsule. Now there are those that would say “Everybody knows you never go full Gemini” but I did it anyway.

Now, this isn't as an extreme measure as it sounds. The HTTP-only part of my site consisted entirely of links to my proxied capsule anyways. The only part I had to migrate over was my `files/` directory which acts like a poor-man's pastebin, I'd just rsync files into it. But, I just copied that over to my Gemini directory and it worked all fine and dandy.

However, there is one minor performance issue: /all/ content is being proxied through kineto, including stuff that could just be served by nginx directly. When I first set it up everything was just passed directly to kineto, including stuff like images that don't need to be proxied. Well, I just plopped this in my nginx config to have it directly serve those files:

There, now nginx just serves most of the non-gemini resources in my capsule directly.

I was also very unhappy with my self-written stylesheet so I decided to theme my site like Lagrange. Skyjake's website was already Lagrange-styled, so I just ripped the stylesheet off from that.

⇒ Skyjake’s HTTP Gemini proxy.

I first just changed the colors to match what Lagrange generated for my capsule. However, there were a few issues with the stylesheet, and also a few things I just didn't like, so there were more changes. You can see the stylesheet and also a list of what I changed here:

⇒ The stylesheet

⇒ Also available through Gemini since it's just sitting in my Gemini folder.

Well, that's it. I guess I should mention that I made a fork of kineto. All I really changed was adding a header talking about Gemini, add a little ⇒ arrow before links, and support external stylesheets rather than inline styles.

⇒ Check it out here

⇒ You can see my new website here. It is obviously the same as my capsule though, so nothing too interesting though :P

2021-04-28 12:25 — A new gempub

I translated The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers to the gempub format.

⇒ The gempub specification

⇒ Link to the gpub

If you don't know what The King in Yellow is, it's a short story collection, the first four of which are horror stories centered around the titular play, which is almost like a necronomicon. Those stories inspired writers like H.P. Lovecraft and H.G. Wells. There are a few darker or semi-horror stories later, but by the end the stories are romance. Even if you don't like the later ones, at least read the first four, they're really good.

2021-04-21 14:00 — new keyboard thoughts

I have nothing to do for school today, I just finished loading 31 new cheetah pictures into the bot, and I now have nothing else to do today. I guess I'll ramble a bit here.

I guess the only thing I have to write about right now is my new Keychron K3 keyboard that arrived a few days back. I'm really liking it so far, but it is the first keyboard I've ever had that isn't built into a laptop or the literal cheapest keyboard you can get at walmart. The bluetooth has no noticable latency which is pretty surprising, and it feels good without being so loud that I can't use it at night. It's slightly different dimensionally than my laptop keyboard so I accidentally hit enter instead of apostrophe a lot, which is pretty annoying especially on IRC and XMPP. I really like the page up/down and home/end keys though, it's really nice to have those off to the side.

Now that I don't have any more to say here, maybe I'll go for a walk if it warms up. Maybe also try to get into OpenTTD.

2021-04-15 11:30 — re: The Punkt. MP02 Minimalist Phone

⇒ replying to bbbhltz's post

For reference for people with little experience with them, PDAs were not meant to be mini standalone computers, they were meant to be companion devices that would sync with your computer. For instance, you'd be taking notes on your PDA, then plug it into your computer, sync up your notes, and keep writing. Or add a meeting on your computer and be able to reference it on your PDA later.

I'm really disappointed that there's no sort of syncing feature. I remember reading about one Punkt phone or another a while back, and wishing that it'd be like what a PDA was. I think a simple, minimalistic device that synced my notes, calendar, and contacts with my computer would be amazing. And since we have the power of The Internet™ now, you don't even need a dock plugged into your computer all the time, you can sync wirelessly. I can obviously just sync up with my smartphone, but 1) smartphones don't have any physical buttons and are objectively the shittyist medium to type on; and 2) there's way too many distractions. While it's /possible/ to have a minimalist experience on a smartphone, the sheer force of will required to do so is beyond my reach.

Honestly, despite the steep price tab if I could get a contemporary, aethetically pleasing PDA-like device I would 100% go for it. I guess I'll keep trying to get JPilot and a Serial to USB adapter working to get my Palm Pilot hooked up.

Or maybe I'll write something for the PocketCHIP…

2021-04-09 09:15 — finally saw the hawks i was looking for

I finally saw the Red-Tailed hawk mating pair that lives near me again, for the first time since last year. I knew they were still here because I can sometimes see them off in the distance but I’ve not gotten close enough to get a picture. Pretty exciting to see them again, the open space that I see them hunting in has gotten pretty crowded recently so I’m surprised that they didn’t move somewhere else.

⇒ i added some pics to my photos page, you can see them at the top here.

2021-04-05 17:55 — re: Clock Skew again

⇒ a response to ~ew’s post

Well I will admit that I saw ~ew’s post right before writing that flight log post, I wasn’t targeting that at them specificially, more at the flood of posts on fedi/reddit/twitter every time daylight savings comes around. The wording makes it seem personally directed in hindsight, so sorry.

I will say that I’ve never really personally known anyone that gets more than a little disrupted by DST (and usually it’s more from having to track down all the clocks that don’t automatically change than the change itself), so I never really thought about the people with sleep schedules that don’t change easily.

A good lesson on trying to actually be considerate and think about other people since they tend to have very different experience than you. I tend to sometimes be an asshole for no good reason, so I’m sorry about that :(

2021-04-04 12:55 — re: bunburya’s Hello, world!

⇒ a response to this post

Welcome to Geminispace!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be updating this as I don’t usually have all that much to say.

You don’t have to write about anything interesting to write! I usually don’t and yet people still read it for some reason.

Whenever I see the Gemini protocol discussed on places like Reddit or Hackernews

Well there’s your problem :P

the prevailing criticism seems to be that Gemini is trying to solve a problem that could be solved by simply using HTTP more reasonably/restrictively.

There’s several responses to this, but I’ll go with a portion of the Gemini FAQ:

Why not just use a subset of HTTP and HTML?
The problem is that deciding upon a strictly limited subset of HTTP and HTML, slapping a label on it and calling it a day would do almost nothing to create a clearly demarcated space where people can go to consume *only* that kind of content in *only* that kind of way. It’s impossible to know in advance whether what’s on the other side of a https:// URL will be within the subset or outside it…You know for sure when you enter Geminispace, and you can know for sure and in advance when following a certain link will cause you leave it.

⇒ Project Gemini FAQ §2.5

Of course, even though the FAQ is usually what’s linked to on those places (I know the last several times it poopedᵃ into HN the FAQ was specifically linked) the people don’t bother to actually read it before commenting criticisms. I know the last HN thread was /entirely/ filled with the low-hanging questions and criticisms that were in the FAQ, not one thread of real thought popped up at all.

I’ll leave that debate to people more knowledgeable than me in such matters, but I don’t really view the Gemini protocol as a competitor, a replacement or even, really, an alternative to HTTP. Rather, to me it seems like an *additional* tool that people can use if they choose, and similarly, Geminispace is an additional "place" that people can go when, for whatever reason, they are (temporarily) done browsing the web. That reason might just be curiosity.

You got what Gemini is actually meant to be! A lot of people seem to struggle to understand this somehow.

Do you really think you can replace the web?
Not for a minute! Nor does anybody involved with Gemini want to destroy Gopherspace. Gemini is not intended to replace either Gopher or the web, but to co-exist peacefully alongside them as one more option which people can freely choose to use if it suits them.

⇒ Project Gemini FAQ §1.6

[a]: originally a typo but i decided to keep it.

2021-04-01 11:00 — i’ll never understand what gets people to “interact”

A lot of my lowest-quality (IMO) content will consistently get lots of “interaction”—likes & boosts on fedi; likes, comments, & responses on Gemini—while my higher-effort content that I’m really proud of gets ignored (relatively). It’s just an unpredictable trend I’ve noticed that’s interesting.

I don’t really crave attention (consciously at least), even if no one ever acknowledged anything I wrote I’d still write here and on my gemlog just because it’s become therapeutic for me. Even though I’m not really talking about my personal feelings anywhere, being able to write about stuff I enjoy really makes me feel good even if I am just shouting into the void. Obviously people enjoying what I write is great too, but it’s just a bonus rather than the reason I write.

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