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2021-03-27 15:55 — why do people get so angry at daylight savings time

Why do some people get so frothingly angry about daylight savings time? I understand getting annoyed, but dude, you literally just change the clock an hour, nothing to get all worked up about. Also, daylight savings time started literally two weeks ago, why are people all of a sudden talking about it now?ᵃ

[a]: I just looked it up and apparently Europe tends to start the last Sunday in March, while North America starts it the second Sunday in March, which is why it’s being talked about now.

2021-03-26 10:15 — re: You really shouldn’t use the GPL "or later" clause

replying to

I never really thought about this before. I’ve licensed my stuff under “3.0 or later” because I’ve always trusted the FSF (at least on protecting users’ and developers’ rights) and I figured that any new version would be stronger. But, there’s nothing stopping the FSF from turning bad—especially with the main visionary being gone soon, one way or another, for better or worse.

Imagine if the altruistic motives of deposing the entire board of directors of the FSF results in a few “multiple affiliation” people on the new board and they release a “GPL 4.0” that gives Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corporation the right to use all GPL 4 licensed code in proprietary software. They know well enough that no one would license anything new under it, but they automatically get a whole bunch of software “promoted” to 4 (in particular, the big G gets to nab all that tasty AGPL software they’ve been forced to ignore).

Real food for thought. I don’t have any projects with other people contributing really, so I might as well just relicense my stuff under (A)GPL-3.0-only rather than -or-later. I could always manually upgrade the license later if the 4.0 comes out and it turns out to be cool and good.

this is a good video on Linus Torvalds speaking about the GPLv3 upgrade controversy. even though I like the GPLv3, his comments on upgrading it is great.

2021-03-13 16:00 — joining a cult

I’ve been very silent as of late, half because I’ve been super bored and

magically have gone from having too much to do to having nothing to do.

However, the other half is because I decided on a whim to switch to emacs (doom emacsᵃ specifically). I’d tried out spacemacs a few years ago and doom emacs last year, but my random decision to try them out always occurred at a time where I had lots of work and couldn’t really dedicate any time to it (I think it was a last-ditch procrastination attempt by my brain) and it never stuck, I always just went back to neovim.

Well this time, I was bored (as previously mentioned) and have quite a bit of time to dedicate to it right now, so it’s finally stuck this time around. And, it’s looking like my prediction[b] that I’ll be spending most of my time configuring it was right.

I guess I’ll just record my thoughts so far:

With a few changes it surface-level is working exactly like my vim configuration. obviously the deeper stuff isn’t the same, but stuff like relative numbers, a fill column, and completion are working great. org mode seems to be a pretty good drop-in for how i’m using vimwiki, plus then there’s all the org mode deep stuff that i can gradually start using. the main thing i’m missing so far is i had very fine-grained settings for how i liked each file type wrapped in vim (# of columns, hard/soft wrapping, etc) that’ll take a bit to transfer over.

I really like org-mode capture, it works exacty how I want for a commonplace book that I can link to stuff that I might want to reference later, or just write stuff down.

a few things I’m already liking more:

things i’m not really liking:

[a]: doom emacs - an Emacs framework for the stubborn martian hacker


2021-03-09 20:00 — i wish you could hard wrap gemtext

I want to air my “nice to haves” with gemini, specifically gemtext (stop getting angry, I know you have a few yourself). I don’t think these should be implemented, but it would be nice to have them.

The first one is nested lists. Using one, two, or three asterisks for three level deep lists would be nice, and doesn’t break existing gemtext parsing. This wouldn’t be an issue, except there’s no good way to represent a nested list for fancy clients that display bullets because the bullets are usually indented while the second level isn’t, making it look weird.

The second is hard-wrapping gemtext. While markdown’s “put two trailing spaces or a blank line to have a break” can get annoying, one of markdown’s greatest strengths is that you can read it in source or rendered, and hard wrapping makes it really nice to read as raw plaintext, and the wraps don’t mess everything up if it’s being rendered all fancy. Eh, this one shouldn’t be implemented even if we could go back in time and add something, complicates parsing too much. Would be nice though, reading gemtext when it goes all the way across the fucking screen in your editor sucks so much holy shit. If I didn’t have goyo.vim I’d fucking give up.

2021-03-04 14:55 — how to block users in your email client + gemini mailing list psa

Even if you don’t like being subscribed to the Gemini mailing list (and I can’t blame you), you should still subscribe to it. Once you’re subscribed, go and subscribe to the categories of [users] and [announce]. There! You now get new capsule announcements, and spec announcements without having to deal with the shitty person^W people. There’s important and interesting stuff on there without having to deal with all the shit.

Also, if you want to be subscribed to the whole list, but there’s just a few people you don’t want to deal with, then you can easily filter them out in most email servers/clients. If you host your own server, you got this. But if you use email from someone else, it’s pretty easy. Usually you just open a message from the undesirable and just click a dropdown, where you’ll see “block sender.” Also a lot of local email clients can automatically send a person to spam. Get this configured and you can “enjoy” the constant bikeshedding without seeing the people that somehow manage to be even bigger assholes than everybody else.

Related toot. Maybe Conman should have moderation capabilities to get rid of some people. He certainly does on the Gitlab repos he created, he should start there.

2021-03-03 08:20 — throwing out and rewriting bad work is hard

I’m writing a Go project called filog, which is a command line utility and accompanying plaintext format for logging a film watchlist and rating log. I’ve already been using the format for quite a while as a letterboxd replacement (it’s meant to be really easy to write by hand so it’s not an issue), but the utility itself has just been sitting in my projects folder unfinished. The problem is that it was my first “real” Go project, so it’s very badly written to say the least. I could rewrite the worst parts, but it really could do with a complete rewrite. It’s just hard to throw out work that partially works and completely start over, but I’d rather do that then release the current abomination publicly.

/Sigh/, I guess I’ll get started now. I can keep the detailed man pages I wrote at the very least.

2021-02-26 13:50 — A Cheetah a Day is on Gemini!

I just added a historical archive of my cheetah a day posts to Gemini. The bot I wrote for it automatically updates the page, you can subscribe with your favorite Gemini feed aggregator.

View it here

The bot also posts on mastodon:

and also posts on reddit in r/Cheetahs

2021-02-23 02:15

the lastest in my linux adventures:

Apparently if your hosts file is improperly configured, then the newest version of NetworkManager will /silently/ fail (but still work). Instead of manifesting somewhere where you’d actually know what the problem was, instead it broke X.

All the applications that I have open on startup opened fine (so qutebrowser, Konsole, and Lagrange all opened fine, as well as KDE itself), but after boot it became impossible to open any new window (including the screen locker, I’d have to switch to a tty to unlock). It would give this error: `Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.` very fucking helpful, I could easily tell right away that it was an issue with the hosts file! I looked through my pacman logs, but NetworkManager was last touched last Friday so I didn’t make the connection since it only broke today.

Luckily somebody else ran into the issue so I figured out what was causing it:,2300.15.html

My hosts file was the default created by Artix’s calimares installer, so it’s not even my fault it was broken. At least I got it fixed now.

2021-02-21 17:15

I’m probably going to replay Pokémon in a nuzlocke run (definitely didn’t get this idea from Alex Wennerberg’s most recent journal entryᵃ). I was going to replay FireRed or play (for the first time) Emerald, but if my Everdrive GB ever gets here I’ll probably do a Blue runᵇ.

Rules I’m going to go with:

The “base rules” (obviously)

Less common rules


[b]: I don’t have the stones to wipe out my save on my actual Blue cart even though it means I’ll probably not play it again. I gotta dump the SRAM because it’s fun to play on a legit cart though.


2021-02-17 15:40

Wow I launched a bot on mastodon and reddit that posts cheetah pics every day!


2021-02-17 12:20

I have finally gotten my subscriptions in Lagrange tuned perfectly to where I have a decent amount to read every day (~20 minutes, which is perfect). The main reason I never really browse gopher is that there’s too little content, so I end up saying “I’ll check it once a week” and then it slowly gets pushed out of my schedule. My gemini subscriptions combined with my rss feeds on the web give me the perfect amount of (generally high quality) daily content.

Funnily enough I actually have more content on gemini every day now than I’m subscribed to on the web!

2021-02-15 11:30

Bought /Into the Breach/ for Switch today on Erik Moeller’s recommendationᵃ, will probably write a gemlog post on my impressions on it and a few other games I’ve been playing lately. Made sure to back up the NSP because I don’t trust the ninty and would like to ensure that I always have access to my legally purchased games. I never pirate games, and so far they only ban Switches that pirate or play cheats online, but I wouldn’t put it past them to ban all hacked switches even if all I do is play homebrew and run RetroArchᵇ. I’ll be happy to pirate if they force me into it though.


[b]: the switch is the best portable emulation platform that’s ever come into existence. i even replaced my vita with it as my main portable emulator (although i still prefer to use my real gba/gb when playing those games)

2021-02-10 11:30 — Certificate Change on 2021-02-11T11:20-06

I am changing my server configuration on 2021-02-11 at 11:20 UTC-6 (Mountain Daylight Time). The certificate will change, the new sha256 fingerprint will be:

2021-02-06 08:45

Seriously considering taking down my website and just hosting a proxy to my gemini capsule, because I really do nothing with my website and I update this capsule regularly. Or at least I’m going to heavily change up some stuff on my website because right now its layout makes it look like it’s being regularly updated, which it isn’t.

2021-02-03 06:50

After seeing that a pack of razor cartridges cost $50, I decided to pick up an old style safety razorᵃ because a pack of 10 double sided blades costs under $5. Even though the handle cost ~$30, it’s still less than a pack of 8 cartridges.

I’d recommend it for the cost alone, but my skin is a lot less irritated afterwards, and it actually shaves really good. It took me until my second shave with it (today) to actually get the hang of it, and there’s still a few spots that aren’t shaved very closely, I still need practice going around corners. I never really got razor bumps, but I didn’t start getting them with this so that’s a good sign. Too soon to say anything about ingrown hairs, but I haven’t gotten any new ones so it seems to be good on that front too. I’d recommend


2021-02-01 18:00

a rant in the style of

gemini:// space

"hacker" "news" comments

An Internet can’t be bothered to read an FAQᵃ nor can they understand why other Internets don’t want their protocol to be extensible. A Hackernews bitches that a very specific and unnecessary feature is not in the markup syntax. A blind Hackernews says that everyone disables that feature anyways because it’s annoying, but the other Hackernews immediately say that they’re doing it wrong and that it’s actually the most important feature in the Web™ despite the fact that none of the websites they program at their day job make use of said feature. Other Hackernews are baffled why a protocol designed to be simple and private doesn’t make it easy to track users, because it’s necessary to do so in order to run a Web that serves plaintext.

Another apparently 5-starᵇ Hackernews ignores the fact that you can serve any filetype and don’t have to use the custom markup and then complains that the biggest problem is that there aren’t 6 levels of headings. Hackernews also says the biggest problem is that it doesn’t use blockchain.

[a]: Project Gemini FAQ §2.5: Why not just use a subset of HTTP and HTML?

[b]: A rating system for C-programmers. The more indirect your pointers are (i.e. the more "*" before your variables), the higher your reputation will be.

2021-01-27 08:40

A few days ago Renéᵃ emailed me about my previous flightlog post (it’s right below this one), saying they put their own copy of GUS up. It works perfectly as far as I can tell, and is actually updated, so I just migrated all the backlink links in the footer of my gemlog posts to it. Nothing against GUS here, but I like to actually use an updated search index so people can actually /find/ replies to my posts when I link to the backlinks. I was debating whether to switch it over since they said they were waiting for a few days of bug testing before announcing it on the gemini mailing list, but I decided it couldn’t hurt. Only way to get half decent bug testing is through real use, right? - a gemini search engine

[a]: their gemini capsule

2021-01-24 17:00

Is GUS ever going to update its index? It’s been well over a month and a half and it still hasn’t been updated.

2021-01-17 08:45

I love how far along I am on my Royal Game of Ur GBA game. I’ve never really gotten past making the art for a game, but I went and finished it first for this so now I can get right to coding, so now I’m pretty guaranteed to finish it as long as nothing comes up to distract me from working on it.

Semi-related, I’m skimming through the toncᵃ GBA tutorial again and discovered a sectionᵇ that brought up an old train of thought. Gemlog post incoming?


[b]: see “think first, code later” under “3.3.1 gba good/bad practices”

2021-01-09 15:20

I don’t understand fossil’s idea of how git’s history works. Fossilᵃ consider’s git’s history to be “what you should have done,” but that seems to me like they don’t have a grasp on what a "commit" in git is supposed to be, and how git’s history is supposed to work.

However, I still like fossil, and I may even try it out, I just don’t like the misrepresentation of git.

[a]: fossil source code manager

2021-01-08 7:50

Should I switch from tmux to screen? You usually hear about people switching from screen to tmux, but I think it might be worth it to switch the other way. I don’t have any particular reason to dislike tmux, the only practical reason I have for using screen is that it supports serial connections while tmux doesn’t. There isn’t a lot tying me to tmux either though, I only use the most basic features where it would (presumably) be easy to switch to screen.

2021-01-07 22:10

I started writing a gemlog post, got a few paragraphs in, and then proceeded to continue rereading LotR and not finish the post. I always have such strong motivation when I start writing something, but it always fades out and turns into a struggle to finish. I want to finish this post and it isn’t too long, so I’ll get it done tomorrow, but it’s annoying to me that I have 11 really good blog posts stuck in my drafts folder because I got busy and never finished them. Some of them aren’t very good, but I wrote enough for them that I can’t bring myself to delete or significantly rewrite them. Whatever, they’re there if I ever get motivation to continue that topic. At least I’ve gotten out of that "production hell" stage and finish up any new writings I start. Hopefully that trend will continue.

2021-01-06 11:00

I’m creating this flight log today. Hopefully it’ll be a place where I post short snippets and thoughts, because I like to keep my gemlog long-form and slightly more formal. Hopefully it’ll also help me break my mastodon addiction since that’s what I primarily use fedi for.

unlike mastodon, gemini links will actually work here too!


Since I made a new page that isn’t from a template for once, I realized how cumbersome it is to have a go home link at the header and footer of every page. I put it in anyways, but it’d be easiest to navigate my site using your browser’s built in "Root" and "Parent" functionsᵃ. I lay out my site to make it easily navigable in that way. For example, in Lagrange you can use <M-Up> to navigate to the parent directory and <M-S-Up> to navigate to the root directory.

[a]: if your browser doesn’t have those, how do you stand browsing gemini/gopher space?

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