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i despise zoom

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NOTE: migrated from my old gemlog on: October 14th, 2020.

i despise zoom

originally posted on: august 26, 2020

Zoom hasn't killed keybase as far as I know

— some asshole on github

fuck you.[a] the server still isn't open sourced and at this rate it never will be, so it's just a matter of time.

the keybase aquisition[b] fiasco is what really started me on this train of thought because i'd never really used zoom before that anyways. now i have to use it for virtual classes and i realize how much i hate it, and not just from an ideological perspective.

the app (on linux at least, but i assume for every platform) is so buggy, resource heavy (what "professional" app isn't these days though (and it's not just because of all the video, it's just poorly optimized (i really use a lot of parentheses don't i :)))), and does seemingly everything just wrong. the first thing i noticed was that instead of having audio output use the user's volume, they force the system volume to 100% then make you use the volume controls built-into the app, which is really great when you want to listen to something else simultaneously, or when you forget after a call and put on music and have your eardrums blown out. it makes it impossible to do anything else on my computer when i'm on a call, but i think that's probably more my computer struggling to handle video than zoom itself. the only good thing i have to say about the app is that it's nice that it doesn't still do video in the background when you have the app minimized to the little mini picture-in-picture thing, which helps when i'm trying to actually do something else on my computer too.

the privacy implications of even having it installed is worrying too, and with them not just routing through china, but actually generating encryption keys in china[c] doesn't make me feel confident in the """end-to-end""" """"""encryption"""""" that they use, even if they have the keybase people slaving away over it.

i don't really have anything else original to say, but i felt the need to rant briefly about zoom, primarily because they are slowly killing keybase which was one my my favorite things.

[a]: (13.7kib) /gemlog/files/keybase-graph.png



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